Thursday, 6 June 2013

Worth the hype? #1 - Nars Sheer Glow

Nars Sheer Glow - Siberia

As an avid reader of blogs and watcher of youtube videos I often get sucked into the never ending hype around certain products and want to try them out for myself. This can be bad for my bank balance and when a product doesn't live up to my expectations it seems like a hell of a waste of money. Sometimes the hype is deserved, but sometimes I think people just rave about a product because it is "popular". So I'm starting a new series, "Worth the hype?", which will include my thoughts and honest opinions of hyped up products.

I'm starting off with Nars Sheer Glow, as this is probably one of the most talked about and loved foundations ever. It seemed perfect for me - good coverage, a glow-like finish, and a good colour range for pale skinned gals. My shade is Siberia which is pretty good for my complexion because of its pale, yellow tone - however it's almost too yellow to be honest verging on the edge of looking like Homer Simpson. That's not the only negative thing I can say about it though, by far its the least. Where do I start? Well it sat on my skin, was extremely heavy, and clinged to dry patches like no other (this could've been down to trying it in winter). I don't know why on earth it's called sheer glow; there was nothing sheer or glowy about it! Oh, and it broke me out, baaaad. This foundation costs £30 - I've learnt my lesson, get a sample.

Have you tried Nars Sheer Glow? Lemme know your thoughts!

Foolproof Eyeshadows

Now me and eyeshadow have a bit of a love/hate relationship (in other words, when it likes me, the feelings mutual, and vice versa). I am in no way shape or form a professional in make up application and I actually find creating a nice eye look very tricky indeed. I'm not sure whether this is down to my eye shape or my lack of good blending brushes but on a day-to-day basis I just tend to play it safe with a bit of winged eyeliner. When I do whip out the ol' brushes on the odd occasion, there are a selection of shades that I immediately go to.

The Maybelline Colour Tattoo cream eyeshadow in On and On Bronze is the perfect choice for a quick everyday make up look. In one swipe my eyeshadow is done and sometimes I even layer over a bit of MAC's Naked Lunch to give my eyelids a pop of brightness. 

Another MAC shade I lurrve from this quad I put together is Satin Taupe. I thought that Satin Taupe would be like any other taupe shade (erm how many times did I just say write taupe...), but oh no, it's sooo much more. It goes perfectly with Naked Lunch for daytime and nighttime when I want to go a bit more smokey and really makes my eyes pop. It also pairs well with this No.7 stay perfect eyeshadow in Mink, which is the perfect light champagney-taupe shade.

Back in the day when there was a lot of hype around the Urban Decay Naked palettes, I didn't have many eyeshadows in my make up collection, so I bought them both. Once used everyday, now they sit on my table unloved. I think this is down to the shades being too shimmery, and quite warm, which doesn't really sit well with my complexion. This is where the Naked Basics palette comes in; a simple range of neutrals from light to dark makes it easy to create a variety of looks. I find that using a touch of the brown shades in the crease adds definition and detail to a simple eyeliner look.

So these are my go-to eyeshadows when I feel like going all out with my make up, and heck, they are beauties. Which are your foolproof eyeshadows? Recommendations, pleaaseee.